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24 March 2024

Work-life no balance

by Amin

What is the point of being a full-time employee? You spend (or supposed to spend) eight hours every day working which is most of the time not creative working, but talking, dealing with misunderstanding and following senseless rituals. That eight hours is just in the name, in reality if you go to the office, you spend at least half hour preparing then around half an hour or an hour commuting to work and back, so realistically around 10 hours is invested every day on your full-time job. Considering an 8 hour per night sleep routine, plus half hour waking up and going to sleep routine, 9 hours is spent on sleeping. In total every day you spend 19 hours on things you have to do in order to live a normal life. That leaves you 5 hours to yourself every day, in other words 20% of your life is yours until you retire. That would be around you’re 70 years old, and let’s say you’re going to live until 85, that leaves you 15 years (of your declining days) to yourself. you basically get around 15 years + 14 years (20% of the rest) = 29 years of your life for yourself. That’s around one third of your life you are free. The majority of your life is spent on maintaining yourself. In that sense we are not very different from our ancestors in jungles or in farms. The biggest difference is unlike our ancestors we spend most of our time working in a closed space with unnatural lighting and often times dull colors. It’s quite depressing to think about how much of your waking hours is spent within walls that you probably wouldn’t choose if it were up to you. What’s the role of money here? Well money can provide security which is amazing if you don’t already have it. But beyond that, it’s just a tool to amuse yourself with, and gain some status. The good news is that this doesn’t have to be the life of everybody, although it is the default life according to the society norms, it is quite possible to break out and start “your own thing”. You would for sure need money for security, life is totally different if you live paycheck-to-paycheck, and terribly worse if you have a significant amount of debt. Once you have some money and assets to feel comfortable, it’s your choice, what you want to do to gain status and to amuse yourself. Those are both not unnecessary parts of life and many times replacement for what you really want to do. So why settle for the next best thing when you could very well go for the first best thing for you? Your calling. The amusement is just to escape the boredom which comes inevitably from following someone else’s agenda. The status comes from the fact that you seek approval from others to be allowed to feel happy. Status is really meaningless without context, a thug doesn’t have any status in a court, the judge has the most status there, but what about on the street? Status really comes from the desire to fit in the society. Which is a deep feeling in human beings. In some sense being shun from the society can be harder for humans than dying knowing that their death has meaning in the society. So the question is how can one fit in the society while still being themselves. Will people accept you and are you able to gain higher status if you follow your passion? Well it depends. But there are ways of gaining their acceptance. For example huge billionaires only spend a small portion of their money on pleasure and most of their money is in their business. It seems to ordinary people that the goal of these super humans is a noble one, even though it is the very definition of greed, they are seeking as much money as they can. Some other people choose the opposite side and do not chase more money, instead they rely on others to provide for them, like priests and other holy men. There are also the creative people who chase fame. There are many ways to gain status and still do your own thing. You can always pick one or more. In the end it’s a less important matter. It seems cliche but basically you can start by doing what you want first and then try to find ways to gain status and acceptance in the society. One very good way which also energizes you well is that you do this to help others somehow.

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